Re-conditioned Gas Room Heaters

We have over 300 re-conditioned gasroom heaters in stock.  These
heaters range in price from $42.50 to $269.00.  Some of these
heaters go back as far as the early 1930's.  All heaters are in
working order and have a warranty of one year parts and labor. 
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Re-conditioned Dearborn
12,000 B.T.U.
Has Pilot
Thompson Floor Heater
15,000 B.T.U.

Re-conditioned Dearborn
12,000 B.T.U.
20,000 B.T.U.
25,000 B.T.U.
30,000 B.T.U.
35,000 B.T.U.
40,000 B.T.U.
Antique Heater
12,000 B.T.U.

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Antique Heaters
Our stock of Heaters is ever changing so
what is displayed here is just
a small fraction of what we carry.

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